This letter is to inform you about some recent changes and upcoming events.

Mark Weiss resigned his position on the board. We thank Mark for his service over the past three years on the HOA board and the Bear Lake Water Company board. Paul Carver was elected by the board to serve as president until the annual membership meeting in June.

The board recently voted to increase the annual assessments for all property owners as follows; Lot with a dwelling $400, lot without a dwelling $100. This increase is necessary to cover increased costs for maintenance and services. A full report and explanation will be provided at the annual owners meeting.

Beginning this year you will be able to pay your assessment online via the website using a credit/debit card. There is a convenience fee associated with this type of payment. We are working to expand the electronic payment options available in the future. As a note, the HOA does not capture any of your credit card information. It is used by Stripe (the processor of the payment) as a single use only. We only capture the information needed to ensure our accounting is accurate.

The annual owners meeting is scheduled for Saturday June 11, 2022 beginning at 9am and will last 3 hours. The location has not been finalized at this time and will be posted on the HOA website as soon as it is. The rules and process for our meetings are contained in Article II of our By-Laws, available on the website. Please refer to that document to answer questions you might have.

The asphalt portion of Country Club Way beginning at Kimball Ln and running west needs to be sealed. The road will need to be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic for 24 hours to allow the application to properly cure. Weather will play a large factor in when the work can be accomplished; it needs to remain above freezing for the entire curing period, and no rain in the forecast. 

In an attempt to minimize the impact this closure might have on owners and guests we are targeting the middle of May before Memorial Day. We will also work to accomplish the application on a Monday or Tuesday so the heavier weekend traffic will be unaffected. The exact timing cannot be determined until approximately one week before the application. Everyone will need to remain flexible in their plans, be prepared to park away from affected properties, and use alternate routes until the end of the curing process.

The targeted dates are May 16-18 or May 23-25. The exact closure date will be updated and posted on the HOA website as soon as it is determined.

Danielle Jensen is the new focal point for issues regarding rentals. If you notice renters not following the HOA rules, notify Danielle so she can make contact with the owner/management company to get it corrected. hoarentalissues@gmail.com or 801.668.1771.

There will be three open seats on the HOA board this year. The process for being a candidate for the board is contained in Article III of the By-Laws. Members interested in being considered for the board should send their letter of interest and resume to Paul Carver paul.carver405@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting in June.


Sweetwater Golf Course HOA Board of Directors