The By-Laws of the Sweetwater Golf Course Homeowners Association authorize the imposition of fines by the Board against HOA Owners for violations of the Governing Documents of the Association. By Board action on September 8, 2018, the fine schedule below was adopted and becomes, by reference, part of the Governing Documents of the Association. Should a fine described below be imposed by the Board, Owners are entitled to all rights and procedures contained in Utah Code Annotated, Section 57-8a-208.


Infraction Maximum Fine Notes
Use of any fireworks $1,000/Occurrence Safety Violation
Discharging Firearm $1,000/Occurrence Safety Violation
Hunting up to $1,000/Occurrence Safety Violation
Outside Solid Fuel Fire up to $1,000/Occurrence Safety Violation
Building Activity W/O Permit $1,000
Violation of Building Procedure up to $250/Day
Parking Violation up to $250/Occurrence Safety Violation
Failure to Control Pets up to $50/Occurrence Safety Violation
Vehicle Operation Violation up to $250/Occurrence Safety Violation
RV/Similar Vehicle Usage Violation up to $250/Occurrence
Violation of Noise Curfew up to $250/Occurrence
Trash/Dumpster Violation up to $250/Occurrence, Plus Cost of Hauling Trash Not Allowed in Dumpsters By County
Prohibited Vehicle Violation up to $250/Day
Other Violations of By-Laws Or Declaration up to $250/Day